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    Smart Education!

    We are creating a new
    paradigm for education.

    We create a smart learning
    ecosystem for the education industry.

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    The 4th industrial
    education revolution,


    Digital education changing the future

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    eliminating the boundaries between
    studying and playing

    CREACUBE mastering joyfully with a play method.

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    Upheaval of the global
    education market,

    CREACUBE has grown wings!

    Accessing creative education
    at once with pandemic contact-free class,
    Edu-tech CREACUBE!

CREACUBE provides a timely and creative product suitable for the learner’s stage of growth based on a deep understanding of children’s growth.
We are thus committed to nurturing the natural interests of children and helping to increase their brain function and creativity.
According to theories of children’s development, their body development, cognitive development,
and emotional development are developed by interacting with each other, positively affecting their brain function and creativity.

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Multiplication Tables Cube

Memorizing easily! With four fundamental operations!

This is a smart teaching aid that allows children
to develop their mathematical creativity without needing pens and
textbooks, anytime and anywhere, and to
memorize multiplication tables naturally with playing.

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1st phase – A ‘challenge’ journey for finding 6 multiplication tables cubics
2nd phase – A multiplication table cube that kids can get ‘immersed in’ using all five senses
3rd phase – Parents’ smart coaching and a ‘gift’ through a smart application

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