CreaCube has a total of 3*3 numbers per side of the cube, and those 9 numbers are attached with soft, rainbow-colored silicon buttons.


On the first red button, you can set the power, addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, multiplication, times table, difficulty, mute, and sleep mode. If you press the button of your choice (among addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and times tables) for three seconds, you'll hear the sound, and if you follow this fun guide, you’ll improve your mathematical ability.


You can play a systematic game of calculation that leads to a low-middle-high level of difficulty, and if you get it wrong more than two times, you can get a sensible hint. 

1. Not Boring But Fun - arouses  interest with repetitive learning:

Math is a language. Language is acquired through repetition. So is math. But it's boring to repeat. However, our CREACUBE is different!

2. Bluetooth - Easily interacts with apps: 

CreaCube is an IOT product that is easily paired with an app via Bluetooth, offering more experience and learning opportunities. 

3. Link to app - parents can directly set questions / check world ranking / systematic wrong answer notes / study analysis: 

Parents can drill down on the linked apps for more information about their child's learning. You can even analyze the wrong answers in detail. The child will want to level up by looking at his level and the ranking of his friends from all over the world. Solve problems infinitely with the ability to give questions directly! 

4. Like toys - New learning tools that you can play with like a game:

CreaCube has a system of raising levels and checking rankings like a game, which creates a fun competition. This is the driving force behind the children's strong spirit of challenge. Similar to toys that you play by pressing and touching, CreaCube lights up every time you press a number and makes sure that you have no time to take your eyes off as the sound and song come out to keep you keenly focused.

5. Using multi-sense ; sound-auditory/LED-visible/buttons-tactile: 

According to experts, the most effective way of learning is to use a multi-sense. So CreaCube is very effective for mathematical ability and brain development because it stimulates the various senses of vision (LED light), auditory (sound), tactile (pushing buttons), and cognition (calculating)! 

6. Anytime, anywhere - Naturally improve your math skills by playing without pencils and books:

 During outdoor activities, travel, and even when you don't want to go out of bed, CreaCube is waiting for you! Thanks to CreaCube, which can be used anywhere, anytime, now you can naturally improve your math skills without needing workbooks, exercise books, pencils, and erasers.


7. Self-directed learning; photograph objects you want to have → Setting goals →  Motivation: 

 CreaCube has come up with a special way to achieve self-directed learning. "Why don't you take a picture of the gifts you've always wanted and promise yourself to get those gifts when you collect all the six jewels by clearing the six stages of ‘addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables, and free questions'?" With the CreaCube app, a powerful/compelling/dynamic/interactive motivational system, you can enjoy self-study.

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