Why Times-table cube?

It is very important to use the material in children's math education.

It's designed to go from a flat sphere to a three-dimensional object that can be grasped and learned in both hands.

It's not just about learning the multiplication table, but also about the balanced development of children's perceptions, emotions, and bodies. It will help develop creativity.

Is it safe?

Yes. Our development team has selected materials and components for quality control before and after development. We are making every effort.

And not only do they have to be certified as essential.

The company is preparing for a test to discharge hazardous materials and thoroughly manage safety.

We will make it safe for children and parents to use.

Can children from other countries also meet Times-table cube?

Yes! In addition to the Korean version, we are preparing to release Chinese, English, and Japanese versions.

Furthermore, we will try to make sure that all children in the world meet our Times-table cube.

Creacube sponsors the SAVE THE CHILDREN, a relief organization.

Can anybody clone it?

Times-table Cube organized several ways with the help of a good organization to make strong patents in Korea.

And not only PCT but also other countries are preparing patent applications.

We will try to ensure that only our products that consumers can trust are available to the market.

Then, when will it be released?

Starting with the launch in Korea and China early next year, we are making efforts to meet Times-table Cube in many countries.

Can I get news from SNS?

Yes! Creacube has Facebook and Instagram channels in operation.

Visit us to find out about various events and information. Please check. Thank you.


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