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Hello, we are the co-founder of CreaCube.

we weren't a math expert, but we decided to create a learning tool for children who are new to their study, and for mothers who are new to their children education. Our precious child's learning tool that can contribute to the balanced growth of awareness, emotions, and body and the development of creative abilities! In order to realize that commitment, our company has conducted a variety of research and have created CreaCube that makes children become interested in studying.

Our company is expanding into a variety of fields as well as MATH to realize its ultimate goal, the CreaCube Global Society. CreaCube promises to provide timely and creative products according to their growth stages to trigger a natural interest from our precious children, and contribute to enhancing their brain function and creativity.

For me, ‘CREACUBE’ is the crystallization of my desire for life. I want to show that if everyone has their own aspirations, they can step closer to their dreams with the help of good people. So I want to show it to the backers all over the world at Kickstarter. So I'm going to build a system where kids all over the world can communicate, learn, and have a good influence on each other.

We walk step by step to complete CreaCube with our own color and sense. But this is just the start of our goal.


The 4 rolling cubes in our logo represent our 4 related products that we plan to develop in the near future, and we will take the steps in our journey of completing the 4 products according to our philosophy and perseverance.

We will focus our efforts to develop and make our product perfect. And we will also meet our supporters in kickstarter concentrate on our capabilities to develop better products in the future.

The first step is CreaCube math.

And we will ultimately build a CreaCube society.

Our final goal is this:

1. CreaCube Math

2. CreaCube Music

3. CreaCube verbal

4. CreaCube feeling

5. CreaCube society(domestic)

6. CreaCube global society(international)